Fostex T50RP MK3


The Fostex T50RP MK3 is a semi-open planar magnetic headphone from which our mods are derived. In its stock form, it has many limitations, but it is an excellent starting point for modders, and capable of competing fairly well at its price point with a simple pad swap. The T50RP MK3 is durable and detailed, but ergonomic and tonal issues severely impede it at stock. To get around this, all T50RP MK3s sold by Cascadia Audio can optionally be shipped with our own custom Impact pads for an additional $15.00 (we include our custom leather suspension strap no extra charge.)

Comes with one 1.2m cable (terminated in 3.5mm TRS) and one 3m cable (terminated in 6.3mm TRS).


Impedance: 50Ω.
Sensitivity: 92dB/mW@1khz.
Maximum input power: 3000mW
Q: Does the stock T50RP MK3 require an amplifier?
A: Though the stock T50RP MK3 is typically more efficient than modified units, we still recommend a dedicated amplifier capable of 2Vrms or more into 50 ohms.
Q: The headband adjustment seems too loose/too tight. How can I adjust it?
A: Two large screws hold the slider and headband assemblies together, one on each side of the headphone. Turning these screws clockwise will tighten the sliders, while counterclockwise will loosen them.
Q: Is the T50RP MK3 closed? Will it block outside noise, and prevent those around me from hearing my music?
A: The T50RP MK3 is officially “semi-open”. In practice, the headphone is mostly closed, the venting built into the design results in lackluster noise isolation, and a reasonable amount of noise leak. The T50RP MK3 isn’t as open as a fully open headphone, and modification can significantly increase isolation, but it is not very closed at stock.
Q: I don’t need the headband and/or earpads you bundle with the T50RP MK3, can I get just the T50RP MK3 alone for a discount?
A: No. Fostex’s minimum advertised price policy will not allow us to reduce the price of a T50RP MK3 below what we list it for already.