Impact Pads


After a year of using Brainwavz’ HM5 Hybrid pads, we decided it was time for an upgrade. The Impact pads are the culmination of several months of development, and represent a linear upgrade from the Hybrids. All contact surfaces of the earpads are covered in high-quality velour, and the exterior of the pads is made of robust sheepskin leather.

With larger, deeper, angled ear holes, the Impact pads conform better to the head, and their breathable velour allows them to be worn comfortably all day.

Pad dimensions:105mm x 100mm x 30mm(thinnest)/40mm(thickest
Ear hole dimensions:65mmx60mm
Q: Other than the T50RP, what headphones will the Impact pads fit?
A: The Impact pads will fit on many larger headphones, particularly those with circular pad mountings. As they are mounted by a lip which can stretch, even pad mountings larger than the outer diameter of the pads may work, though we do not guarantee fit.
Q: Will the impact pads improve the sound of my headphones?
A: They could, but they could also substantially worsen it. Pads play a massive role in the sound of headphones, but the diversity of headphone designs means that we can’t offer any consistent statement on how the Impact pads will change the sound. You might well prefer a given headphone with the Impact pads to its stock pads, but as the Impact pads are fairly unique in design, they are almost certain to be quite different from your stock pads, and so the change in sound may be drastic. We offer assurances of the end result only with our own headphone designs which are intended to be paired with the Impact pads.
Q: I have the original Talos. Should I buy these pads for it? Will they improve the sound?
A: The original Talos’s tuning was designed for the Brainwavz HM5 Hybrid pads, and owners wanting to maintain that tuning should continue to use them. Using Impact pads on an original Talos is likely to result in a substantially recessed midrange relative to stock.