Leather Suspension Strap


The Cascadia Audio Leather Suspension Strap is exactly what its name implies: a sturdy strap of real leather to distribute the weight of a headphone evenly and comfortably across your head. The Leather Suspension Strap is feature on our modified T50RP designs, and included as a free extra with all T50RPs we sell, along with suitable mounting hardware (a pair of screws).

Q: What headphones is the Leather Suspension Strap compatible with?
A: All Fostex RP series units (T50RP, T40RP, T20RP) other than the TH500RP. We are currently testing compatibility with Fostex’s recently-released TR series as well.
Q: How do I install the Leather Suspension Strap? A: Take a large philips head screwdriver, and carefully unscrew the two large screws located toward the bottom on each side of the headband assembly. Thread the provided mounting screws through the holes in the Leather Suspension Strap, with the unfinished face of the leather facing “inward”. Hold the slider holder – the small plastic pieces which sit opposite the screw socket – in place with your hand, over the headband slider, and screw the mounting screw into the slider holder through the hole in the headband. Repeat on the other side. We recommend saving the stock screws in case you ever wish to transfer your Leather Suspension Strap to another headphone
Q: Do you offer a vegan alternative to the Leather Suspension Strap?
A: Not at this time, though if significant interest was expressed, we could look into developing one.