Talos 2


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The Talos 2 is a closed, planar magnetic headphone derived from the Fostex T50RP MK3. A direct successor to and upgrade from our original Talos, the Talos 2 features tastefully boosted bass and treble for an energetic sound without excessively overshadowing the midrange.

Ergonomics matter just as much to us as sound, and the Talos 2 shows that commitment, featuring a comfortable leather suspension strap to distribute weight across the top of the head evenly, and a pair of our custom-made Impact earpads for maximum comfort.

A quality pair of headphones deserves protection to ensure a long life, so every Talos 2 is supplied with a branded Cascadia hard case for transportation, storage, and display.

Every Talos is hand-modified to our exacting quality control standards in the USA.

Impedance: 50Ω.
Maximum input power: 3000mW
Weight: 385g (without cable).
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.
Q: Does the Talos require an amplifier?
A: Though the Talos has a low (and uniform) impedance, it is also a fairly inefficient headphone. We recommend that users pair the Talos with a capable headphone amplifier, ideally capable of 5Vrms or more into 50 ohms. Some reasonably-priced options which would meet this guideline are Monoprice's Desktop Headphone Amplifier (Product #11567 on Monoprice.com), Schiit's Magni3 (and all prior generations of the Magni model), and FiiO's K5.
Q: The headband adjustment seems too loose/too tight. How can I adjust it?
A: Two large screws hold the slider, headband, and suspension strap assemblies together, one on each side of the headphone. Turning these screws clockwise will tighten the sliders, while counterclockwise will loosen them.
Q: Will the Talos leak sound and make my music audible to those around me?
A: The Talos is a mostly internally sealed design, but it does leak a small amount when played at very high volumes – enough that someone next to you could hear that you’re listening to music. For more moderate volumes, or when you aren’t right next to others, your music should be audible to you alone.
Q: Can I swap the pads on my Talos for a different set?
A: Yes, but we make no guarantees about how it will sound. The Talos is tuned for the pads it ships with, and changing the pads can have a significant impact on the sound. If you need to replace your pads, our custom Impact pads are available from our store.
Q: Can I send in my own T50RP MK3 for a discount on the Talos?
A: Yes, provided that your unit is in stock configuration and good condition, we will mod your T50RP MK3 into a Talos with a $75 price reduction. An accompanying pair of Impact pads will yield an additional $15 reduction. All shipping is at the user’s expense, and we will not accept component substitutions (T20RP MK3s or T50RP MK2s in place of T50RP MK3s, alternative pads instead of Impact pads, etc).
Q: Do you offer an upgrade service from the Talos 1 to the Talos 2?A: Due to radical changes to the design and construction of the Talos 2 vs. the original, we do not offer an upgrade option. We cannot offer a meaningful discount because of the substantial time involved in reversing and replacing the original mod.  
Q: What is your return policy? A: Undamaged units can be returned for a refund within 45 days with a 20% restocking fee, buyer pays return shipping.